WhiteSpace Design.  http://www.wearewhitespace.com/
Creative writing and innovative graphic designs are their specialty.  Have a look at the Mullineaux Management logo:  They designed it.

The Center for Creative Leadership   https://www.ccl.org/
The country’s authoritative resource for leadership, team and individual assessment tools.  Susan Mullineaux is a certified facilitator for these instruments.

The Leadership Challenge  http://www.leadershipchallenge.com/about.aspx
One of the most time-tested and respected leadership approaches, based on years of research and experience.  Susan Mullineaux is certified to administrate their assessments and lead their courses.

Dr. Jim Gleason, APR  / Buzzword, Inc.  mailto:[email protected]
Dr. Gleason offers nearly 40 years of expertise and experience in Corporate Communications, Public Relations, and Instructional Design.  He is Associate Professor of Public Relations at Eastern Kentucky University, and is accredited in Public Relations practice by the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA).

Litigation and Expert Witness Consulting   Contact email  [email protected]
Dr. Donald J. Mullineaux has provided litigation consulting, expert reports, and deposition and trial testimony for over two decades in matters involving various aspects of banking, including commercial and real estate lending, loan underwriting practices and policies, deposit and checking operations, payments systems issues, and director duties and responsibilities.

In the capital markets area, Don has worked on cases involving stock and bond issues, underwriter duties and responsibilities, insider trading, asset valuation, debt restructurings, investor due diligence, and dividend behavior. In addition, he has consulted or testified on matters involving business organizational forms and CEO terminations.