Strategic Planning

“Greatness is more than potential.  It is the execution of that potential.  Beyond the raw talent.  You need the appropriate training.  You need the discipline.  You need the inspiration.  You need the drive.”
Eric A. Burns

Strategic planning is more than writing a plan.  Ideally, it is a process that focuses the organization on a desirable future and the path to achieve it.

To achieve the best possible results, a strategic planning process should harness the energy and creativity of your team.  Our facilitators assure that everyone is engaged and involved during the entire meeting.  Most importantly, there is clear responsibility for actions after the planning session is over.  Who will execute each component of the plan?  What are the timelines and deadlines?  What are the consequences for succeeding or failing to execute the plan?

Our approach assesses your situation before the planning meeting begins so your valuable time is wisely invested on the day of the session.  We can help energize your team and encourage focus on the plan’s execution long after the session is over.  Whether you need a competitive long-term plan with detailed financial analysis or a fast-paced session to achieve immediate results, our experienced consultants will help guide your group to a rewarding outcome.                

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