Litigation Consulting and Expert Services

“Greatness is more than potential.  It is the execution of that potential.  Beyond the raw talent.  You need the appropriate training.  You need the discipline.  You need the inspiration.  You need the drive.”
Eric A. Burns

We have provided litigation consulting, expert reports, and deposition and trial testimony for over two decades in matters involving various aspects of banking, including:
• Commercial and real estate lending
• Loan underwriting practices and policies
• Deposit and checking operations 
• Payments systems issues
• Director duties and responsibilities

In the capital markets area, Don has worked on cases involving:
• Stock and bond issues
• Underwriter duties and responsibilities
• Insider trading
• Asset valuation
• Debt restructurings
• Investor due diligence
• Dividend behavior

In addition, he has consulted or testified on matters involving business organizational forms and CEO terminations. . 

In recent years we've provided services to a wide range of the law firms including:

• Jones Day
• Simpson Thacher and Bartlett
• Sonnenschein Nath and Rosenthal
• Nix Patterson and Roach
• Frost Brown Todd 
• Wyatt Tarrant and Combs
• Greenebaum Doll & McDonald 
• Dinsmore and Shohl
• Sturgill Turner Barker and Maloney
• Henry Watz Gardner Sellars
• Boehl Stopher and Graves
• Weissman Nowak Curry and Wilco
• Glenn Rasmussen Fogarty and Hooker
• Sahn Ward Coschignano and Baker           

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